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The most popular messaging app is WhatsApp.

The most popular messaging app is WhatsApp.

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp1 to remain in contact with family and friends.WhatsApp is a simple, safe, and trustworthy free2 messaging and calling programme available on phones globally.

“What’s Up” is the name of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp started off as a texting app. It now supports text, photos, videos, documents, location data and phone calls. Encryption was included since WhatsApp is used to share personal information. To facilitate free global interaction, we advise every product decision.

WhatsApp was created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, longtime colleagues at Yahoo. A messaging service that operates swiftly and reliably anywhere on the earth, WhatsApp merged with Facebook in 2014.

A freemium cross-platform IM and VoIP service owned by Meta Platforms, Whatsapp is available globally. Users may share photos, documents, locations, voice and video messages, and more. In order to utilise the desktop version of Whatsapp, the user must have Internet access on their mobile device. A cell phone number is required to sign up for the service. It allows businesses to communicates with clients who used standared whatsApp client. WhatsApp Business adv in January 2018 and targets small enterprises.

Whatsapp was created by ex-Yahoo! employees Brian Act

They met with Koum’s buddy Alex Fishman in January 2009 to discuses a latest messages software that shows”statuses next to individual names of persons.”

Saw they would need an iPhone developer to expand the concept. Fishman met Igor Solomennikov, a Russian coder, through

In June two thousand nine, Apple rolled out push alerts, which allowed usered to be notified even when not using apps. Changes in a user status Koum notifies every person in their networks. When WhatsApp 2.0 came out, it had messaging and 250,000 active users. Acton joined the company despite being involved in another venture. A co-founder, Acton was given a stake in the company after convincing five former Yahoo! pals to pledge $250,000 in October 2009. He first used WhatsApp in November.

In November 2009, following months of beta testing, the programme was made available only on the iPhone App Store. That was followed by two months of development by Koum los Angeles pal Chris Peiffer. BlackBerry Messenger launched in may two thousand and ten & android Messenger in August. A acquisition offer from Google was rejected multiple times in 2010.

In order to cover a costs of sended verify SMS to subscribers, whatsapp became a paid-for services. In December 2009, iOS users could send photos. As of early 2011, WhatsApp was ranked #1 on the US App Store.

Jim, sequoia’s partner, has spent months planning. Sequoia Capital invested eight million dollar in April 2011 for more than fifhteen percent of the company.

As of February two thousand thirteen, Whatsapp has two hundred million users & fifhty workers. Sequoia added fifhty million dollar to WhatsApp valuation, bringing it up to $1.5 About a year ago, WhatsApp bought SkyMobius, a Santa Clara company that created vtok, a video & voice calling software.

Whatsapp claimed 400 million monthly active users in a december two thousand and thirteen blog post.

Released on iPhone app Store in November two thousand and nine following months of testing. Support for BlackBerry smartphones came in January 2010, Symbian in May 2010, and Android in August 2010. Added in August 2011 was a Series 40 beta for Nokia’s non-smartphone OS In February 2013, compatibility for Windows Phone 7 was introduced, and in March 2013 for BlackBerry 10. In April, Samsung announced support for the Tizen operating system. Early WhatsApp devices included the Nokia N95, a Symbian-based cellphone released in March 2007. As of June 2017, it is not compatible with WhatsApp.

In August 2014, WhatsApp added Android Wear support to its Android app.

The WhatsApp Web app for PCs was revealed by koum on the facebook page in late January 2015. Messages remain on your phone because our web clients is just an extensions of it. Android or blackberry and windows phones user had access to the desktop version until January 21, 2015. It later added iOS, Series 40, and S60 compatibility (Symbian). This requirement was removed in an upgrade in October 2021.

Internet explorer is not supported on any of the supported desktop browsers.Google’s Android operating system is the foundation for the user experience.Individual can gain access by scanning their QR code with their WhatsApp mobile app.

Alternatives for macOS include ChitChat (previously WhatsMac), an open-source chat client.

Android users could used whatsApp without having the smartphone app online in january two thousand and twenty ones la beta version.This was a test version made available to ioS users in March 2021. A customer’s phone will be disconnected after 14 days if they haven’t used it.

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