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One of the largest reservoirs on the planet is Lake Volta.

One of the largest reservoirs on the planet is Lake Volta.

A total of eight thousand five hundred & two square kilometres (three thousand two hundred eighty two square miles) of land are inside Ghana borders. Between akosombo & the country’s northernmost point is this vast area.

It is barely six degrees north of the Equator that the Prime Meridian crosses Lake Volta, where it is located. The lake’s northernmost and southernmost points are separated by five hundred twenty km (three hundred twenty miles) by the Akosombo dam, which is located downstream of Yapei. Previously, the Akosombo dam joined the white & black Volta rivers to form the Volta river, but this is no longer the case because of the Akosombo dam. The present volta river in southern ghana flows through the dam powerhouse & spillways to the atlantic Ocean.

Dwarf & kporve are the other two major islands in the lake; Dodi is the middle one.

On the western side of the lake, digya national park is located.

After a 1915 concept by geologist Albert Ernest Kitson to build a dam, the Akosombo Dam was completed in nineteen sixty one and the lake formed. As a result of the creation of Lake Volta, sevety eight thousand people & 200 thousand animals were relocated to new cities and villages. 120 buildings were damaged in the flooding of more than 7,800 square kilometres (3 thousand square miles) (excluding small houses).

Energy generated by the Akosombo Dam is exported to neighbouring nations in exchange for foreign money, including Togo and Benin. Additionally, lake volta acts as a conduit for ferries and commercial vessels. A tropical environment ensures the lake’s water remains comfortably warm throughout the year. By using sound management practises, Lake Volta is capable of supporting enormous fisheries and vast populations of fish.

Lake Dodi’s island of dodi is accessible by tourist ships.

Projects to collect submerged timber from the flooded forests beneath Lake Volta have recently been launched in the country’s capital city. It may be the world’s greatest supply of environmentally sustainable tropical hardwood, according to Wayne Dunn, the executive director of the sustainable forestry Initiative (SFI). Wood from the Lake has been made accessible to Ghanaian-owned Underwater Forest Resources and Flooring Solutions Ghana, both of which are now suppliers of hardwood flooring created from the peculiar wood. It is necessary to cite Additionally, the removal of submerged trees helps to promote lake traffic and safety while also generating foreign currency for the area and decreasing reliance on fishing for the local population.

Young people work in fishing in Lake Volta, where estimates place the number at 7 thousand 10 thousand. Their work has been categorised as slavery by The Guardian & CNN Freedom Projects. This has been labelled sensationalism by Betty Mensah and scholar samuel okyere because many of the children and teens whose wages are paid in advance to their parents grow up to be self-sufficient fishermen as adults, who in turn recruit young people and can thus be categorised as apprentices. They arrive to the conclusion that, despite the fact that many children are forced to work in abusive conditions, they are not being held as slaves.

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