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Long, high-alpine valley known as Engadin

Long, high-alpine valley known as Engadin

Swiss canton Graubünden’s Engadin valley is an alpine mountain valley that stretches for more than 100 kilometres (62 miles). 100 kilometres downstream, the Inn (Romansh: En) flows into a stream that originates near Maloja Pass, in southwest Austria, flows into the Danube River basin. . A river that travels through Passau becomes the sole Swiss river that travels to Russia’s Black Sea. The Engadine is well-known for its sunny climate, stunning scenery, and variety of outdoor activities.

In the year 930, Engiadin was first documented as the Romansh toponym for this place. Some claim that the En’s (Aenus) name is derived from the reconstructed ethnonym *Eniates,The first part of the ethnonym includes the name of the Enumeration. . In this way, the name would come to light. There is a term called “Valley of the Inn People.”

The Engadine is Switzerland’s section of the En/Inn valley, which flows into Austria immediately before Landeck and is located at the western extremity of the Eastern Alps It’s known as the Inntal Valley in Austria (or simply the Inn Valley). Inn to Austrian Tyrol border right before Schergenbach, which enters the Maloja Pass from Samnaun, it runs for 100 kilometres (62 miles).

Grisons is connected to northern Switzerland and the canton of Grisons through the Julier, Albula, Flüela, and Vereina Passes. It is accessible by the Maloja and Bernina Passes, which connect it to Italy’s northern region. This area is linked to Italy’s southern Val Müstair via the Pass del Fuorn. (German: Münstertal) and the northern Val Venosta (German: Vinschgau) (German: Ofenpass).

The tallest mountains in the Engadine are located in the Bernina Range, which is located to the southwest. This line’s activities help to assist and promote development in the Engadine area.


Situated southwest of the Maloja mountain pass at an elevation of 1,815 metres (5,955 feet), three lakes, All three of the rivers that make up the Segl river basin travel northwest to southeast.. Just a short distance away from Maloja Pass, you’ll find Val Bregglia, Chiavenna (at 325 metres (1,066 feet) above sea level), and lastly Como. The Lunghin Pass (2,645 m 8,678 ft) is located northwest of Maloja, the Inn, Maira, and Po Rivers run to the Black Sea, and then the Rhine and Gelgia flow to the North Sea, respectively.

Around 1800 metres above sea level, St. Moritz is located (5,900 feet). In 1908 and 1948, it hosted the Winter Olympics. Many adjacent ski resorts are served by Piz Corvatsch and Piz Nair ski regions.

It’s here that the Lower Engadin officially begins. The communities, with the exception of Zernez, are now situated higher in the mountains, on sunny glacial plateaus.

In the Prätigau, Klosters is connected to the Lower Engadine via the Vereina Tunnel. For the next leg, Landquart to Zürich or Chur. A ski and spa resort, the Lower Engadine’s capital, is Scuol (3,900 ft). Samnaun, a remote and duty-free ski resort, is connected to Austrian ski resorts through a winding mountain road built during 1912.

The RhB stations in Scuol and other locations further up the main valley of the region’s main gorge are regularly served by PostBus Switzerland services. You may get to Landeck-Zams in the Upper Inn Valley via Scuol via Martina and Pfunds, Austria.Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna are all within a day’s train ride of each other from Zurich. PostBus Switzerland offers an Italian bus service that connects Zernez with the Val Müstair or even Mals in South Tyrol.

German and Italian speakers outweigh Romansh speakers in the Upper Engadine because of the great number of tourists from other countries., and Romansh speakers are scarce in St. Moritz, which is also a popular tourist destination. It is still Romansch in the Lower Engadin, but it is practically widespread in Grisonian Swiss German and Standard German. In the Upper and Lower Engadine, nearly all location signs include both German/Italian and Romansh text.

Lake Altitude

As for the lake’s size, Sils Lake is 4.1 square km in area and stands at 1,791 metres in elevation.

With a depth of 1,790 metres, the lake is the deepest in the world at 2.7 square km.


With a depth of 1,768 metres, St. Moritz Lake is the second largest lake in Switzerland.

Nobody knows how long the annual winter horse-drawn sleigh ride will continue to take place. Many of the sleighs were handed down through generations of the community. The fact that their carriages are so antique indicates that the event has been around for millennia.

Additionally, there will be one sleigh with musicians on board to provide entertainment for both the riders and the bystanders at the Schlitteda this year.

Crimson and black. Engadine-style apparel is worn by the inhabitants, and the horses are decked up with more than just bells. Stops for food, dancing, and drinking are planned throughout the day. Afterward, the young woman invites her chosen companion to her home for several celebratory dinners.

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