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A computer or other electrical gadget.

A computer or other electrical gadget.

It is workable to programme a computer to do a specific sequence of calculations. Programs are current computer operations grouped together in a generic way. These programs allowed computers to carry out a variety of tasks. ” A computers system includes all the hardware, software, and peripherals necessary to run a computer. Examples of a connected and collaborative set of computers include computer networks and clusters.

Computer’s are use to controls a wide variety of equipment in both the industrial and consumer sectors. All kinds of kitchen appliances are on display at the trade show, including microwaves and remote controls.The Internets, which link billions of computers & people, is powered by computers.

Computers were designed primarily to perform calculations. The abacus has been used by people to calculate since the beginning of time. Long, repetitive tasks like weaving patterns were first automated by mechanical machines during the Industrial Revolution. Analog computations were first made possible by more advanced electrical equipment in the early 1900s. After WwII, the 1st digital electronic calculators were created. Advancements in these technologies, together The microprocessor and microcomputer revolutions of the nineteen seventys were sparked by developments in silicons-based MOSFET & (IC) chip technology. In late twentieth and early 21st centuries, transistor counts soared, resulting in the digital Revolution, as anticipated by Moore’s law.

Microprocessors and semiconductor memory chips are the two main components of a modern computer’s hardware. While the processing element does the math and logic,Data recorded in the sequencings and control unit can be used to changes the orders to operations. Keyboards, mouse and joysticks are examples of peripheral devices. Output devices include monitors and printers (e.g., the 2000s-era touchscreen). It is possible to obtain information from external sources and to save and retrieve findings via peripheral devices.

English writer Richard Brathwait wrote in his 1613 classic The Yong Man’s Gleanings, “I have read the cleanest computer of times, and the best Arithmetician that ever [sic] breathed.” In this context, the term “human computer” refers to a person who works with numbers and does calculations. The word denoted the same thing until the mid-20th century. Women were frequently employed as computers in the latter part of this century since they were paid less than men. By 1943, women were the primary human computer users.

Originally meaning “one who calculates,” the word computer first appeared in print around 1600, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. In Online Etymology Dictionary, the term “calculating machine” first appeared in print in 1897. A “programmable digital electronic computer,” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, was first used in 1945.

Computers have been around for a long time, but they were primarily employed to perform a one-to-one computation utilising the fingers. It is possible that the oldest countings device was a tallys stick. In the fertile Crescents, clays spheres, cones, etc., were employed to record information. Countings rods are 1 such example.

Originally, abacus was employed to solve math problems. From Babylonian tools used about 2400 BC, the Roman abacus was derived. Since then, there have been numerous new types of Tables or boards for keeping score. Markers were laid on a checkered fabric in a mediaeval european counting house in line with rules.

According the Derek J. de Solla Price, the Antikythera gadget may have been the first mechanical analogue computer. It was built for astronomical purposes. This artefact was discovered in 1901 on the greek island of the antikythera, situated b/wkythera & crete, amid the wreck of the SS Antikythera. Things like the Antikythera mechanism reappeared more than a thousand years later.

Astronomy and navigation relied on mechanical aids for calculation and measurement. The planisphere was invented by Ab Rayhn al-Brn in the 11th century. First or second century BC Hipparchus invented the astrolabe. Astronomers were able to solve several spherical issues with the help of the dioptra and the planisphere.

When Abi bakr of Isfahan built the clock in the year twelve thirtybfive, he used a mechanical calendar computer and gear wheels. The first mechanically geared lunisolar calendar astrolabe was built by Ab rayhn al-Brn, circa 1000 AD, utilising a gears train & gear wheels.

Listed below is a sample of my writing. list of several types of computer:

By design, it is an analogue computer.

a pc with a digital storage

A computers that combines the best features of both a personal

Harvard’s architecture was influenced by the work of Von Neumann.

Computer with simple instructions

a machine that requires fewer instructions

Form and purpose


a large, powerful computer

a notebook computer (term no longer used)


A server is installed on a rack.

Tower with Blade Servers



(Microcomputers) (term no longer used)

A personal computer at home

a PC on a table

A computer tower

Multimedia computer with a slim profile

A computer for playing video games.


It’s at the top of the Internet

PC for homes theatre

The keypad of an electronic device

Computers on the go

a frightened customer

Connected to the Internet


Replacement for a desktop computer.

a gaming computer

Laptop that can withstand being submerged in water

PC that can serve two purposes at once





Tablets, cellphones, and ultra-mobile PCs are all examples of mobile computing.

PDA (Pocket Computer)

A handheld computer called a Palm

PC on the go

An electronic device worn on the person’s body


Smartglasses with a single-board computer

A USB stick can be used to connect a computer to the Internet.

Controllers that can be reprogrammed

System-on-a-module Computer-on-a-module Computer-on-a-module Computer-on-a-module

It’s short for “system-on-a-chip.” An application processor, or Ap if does not include hardware such a radio


The expression “hardware” refers to all of a computer’s physical components. An example of hardware would be a computer mouse, a laptop keyboard, or a printer.

Among the 4 main components of a general-purposes computer are the Alu, the controlsunit, memory, & input &output devices (I/O). The regions are connected via a bus mades up to wire groupings. Thousands to billions of little circuits are controlled by electronic switches in each of these pieces. Turning a circuit on or off signifies a “1,” but the reverse is true when it is unplugged. Circuits are organised so that each one can influence the state of another by using logic gates.

Devices for input

As the computer processes and outputs information, input devices provide the computer with raw data Input devices can be either manual or automatic. The CPU is responsible for the vast majority of the work. input devices include keyboards and mice

a camera that can also function as a keyboard

Tablet computer for graphics

Scanners that do imaging procedures



Real-time Knuckle-overlay clock.


A light pen that can be used on a touchscreen.

Devices that send data to the outside world.

Computers generate output through output devices. Input devices include the following:

a computer monitor with a printing device

Speaker on a computers


Cards for both video and sound.

Examples of software include computer programmes, data, protocols, and several other non-physical computer components. Software, as opposed to hardware, consists of computer instructions and data that have been encoded. Online documentation and digital media are two examples of non-executable data in software. System software and application software are two forms of software. You can’t use a computer unless you have the necessary hardware and software. Firmware is embedded in hards-modifies hardware, such as bIos and from in an Iibm Pc-compatible computers.

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