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Alec Baldwin’s iPhone is to be searched by Santa Fe officials during an investigation into the Rust shooting.

Alec Baldwin’s iPhone is to be searched by Santa Fe officials during an investigation into the Rust shooting.

During the investigation into the fatal shooting of Alec Baldwin on the set of the low-budget western Rust, New Mexico police got a search warrant for Alec Baldwin’s iPhone Thursday.

“On Thursday, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office claimed that an eight-page affidavit had been submitted in support of the order, which will allow detectives to remove Baldwin’s phone and search its contents for anything pertaining to the production and the cast.

The affidavit may also include Baldwin’s email communications, text messages, browser history, private social media messages, contacts, and recent calls. Other items requested by investigators were passwords and any information gleaned from the phone’s GPS (GPS).

An investigation has been launched into both Alec Baldwin and David Halls, an associate director and an actor who discharged a pretend gun, by the FBI and the production’s armourer, who was in charge of set safety.

Both Halls and Gutierrez Reed have already voluntarily turned over their smartphones for investigation, according to their respective attorneys. Lisa Torraco, Halls’ Albuquerque-based attorney, told The Times via email on Thursday that her client voluntarily handed over his phone to law enforcement.

It was his belief that turning himself in would expedite the investigation that led to his voluntary surrender. “At every turn, he has made an effort to cooperate.” Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer, Jason Bowles, stated that his client “handed over her phone to the sheriff’s office.'” Her cooperation with the authorities is unwavering.

They discovered from the lawsuit that baldwin and gutierrez Reed discussed the types of guns and knives that could be utilised on the scene.

Garcia Reed took Baldwin to see a selection of firearms. In the end, he settled on a Colt.45 replica with a brown handle because he wanted something more substantial. Authorities combed through Handle.Hutchins’ cellphone. The affidavit states that Hutchins’ phone included talks from August about “Rust,” as well as photographs logged on September 7.

A western for the dark hours
According to Alec Baldwin, who spoke to ABC News presenter George Stephanopoulos about the incident, the actor does not expect to be charged criminally. It was not possible to get a response from his spokesman.

Asked about Hutchins’ death in an interview, Baldwin said he was sad, but he didn’t take blame for what happened. Baldwin was certain the bullet in the rifle did not come from him. “The bullet was not permitted on the site. Somebody is to blame. I have no idea who it was, but I’m sure as hell glad it wasn’t me.

It was shown in the Thursday affidavit that Gutierrez Reed handled his firearms with care.” The 24-year-old gun wrangler, who was just working on her second film as chief armourer, said that Baldwin’s gun was loaded before lunch.

Her limited access to the set, an old wooden church, was due to COVID-19 epidemic guidelines, she informed investigators. At some point after lunch Gutierrez Reed said, “I gave the rifle along to Dave [Halls].”

It was during a lunch rehearsal that Baldwin alleged that Halls gave him the weapon. He said, “This is what I call a “cold gun,” which is either empty or packed with non-firing phoney rounds.”

According to Kenney, he provided the “Rust” production with firearms, blanks and dummies, but he did not provide real ammunition.
If the contents of Baldwin’s phone aren’t relevant to the investigation, it will be sealed and never opened again.

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